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  • Faculty: 75
    Including: Professors: 27
                    Associate Professors: 33
                    Lecturers: 15
  • Two Cheungkong Scholars (recruited from abroad)
  • Two winners of ¡°Ten Shanghai IT Elites Award¡±.
  • One winner of ¡°Cross-century Talent Award by the Ministry of Education¡±
  • One winner of the ¡°Shanghai Dawn Plan¡±
  • Two ¡°Shanghai Science and Technology Phosphors¡±
  • 65% of the faculty are under the age of 45 and 70% are doctors.
  • Advisory professors and guest professors (21)
    • The U.S.: T.P.Ma (Yale University), Raul Camposano £¨Synopsys Inc.£©, Omar Wing£¨Univ. of Columbia£©, Carlos Araujo (UCCS), Z. K. Liu (Univ. of Pennsylvania), J. Y. Shen (Univ. of Florida), Likong Wang (IBM), etc.
    • Sweden & Belgium: S. L. Zhang (Royal Inst. of Sci. & Tech.) , Philips Cardon (Gent Univ.), Maex (IMEC), etc.
    • Hong Kong: J. S. Wuang£¨Vice President of Hong Kong Polytechnic University£©¡¢Paul Zhu (HK City Univ.), etc.
    • Singapore: Mingfu Li (National University of Singapore)


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