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    Fudan is among the first in China to conduct microelectronic research and develop IC technologies and thus enjoys great academic strengths in the field. In the 1950s, led by Prof. Xie Xide, Fudan established the first semiconductor discipline in China and cultivated graduates who became the backbone of China¡¯s IC industry. In 1984, Fudan was approved by the State Council to establish the PhD program of ¡°Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics¡±. In 1988, ¡°Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics¡± became a key national discipline and passed the evaluation in December 2001 (the only key national discipline of its kind in the Shanghai area). The discipline was authorized to confer PhD degrees in 1998, established the post-doctor research station and the Cheungkong Scholars position, and was included in the ¡°211 program¡±. In 1992, the ASIC & System State Key Lab was established, and in 2002, passed the national evaluation. In 2000, the discipline became ¡°Focus in Focus Discipline¡± of the ¡°Ninth Five-year Plan¡± of Fudan University. School of Microelectronics was founded in 2002 with approval of the Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission and was made one of the 9 ¡°National Bases for IC Talent Cultivation¡± in 2003.


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